Single-Occupancy Rooms & Spacious Accommodations


Hatikvah House is a spacious two story home in a central-Campbell residental neigborhood. The family room is pictured at left.


Each resident has their own private bedroom at Hatikvah House.

Kosher Kitchen


Our kitchen is stocked with kosher meat and we run a kosher-style food program.


  • Breakfast is independent, as everyone gets up at different times.

  • Lunch is usually with their day program or job on weekdays.

  • Dinner is family style.


On the weekends, we all eat together, albeit most residents go home on weekends.

Terrific Staff


Hatikvah House is blessed to be run by an administrator who has been with us for fifteen years. She is loving, patient, compassionate, efficient and organized. Her motto is everything has a place and that is where it belongs. Don't put it down, put it away! The additional staff members are just as caring and competent and participate in ongoing training as required by Community Care Licensing.


In addition to our staff we have two goodwill miniature Dachshunds, Laney Christine and Sadee Grace, who come during the week and add unconditional love to our home.


While the residents attend weekday work or day programs, they are cared for by staff if they stay home due to illness. 

Managed Medications


Medications are handled per the strict guidelines established by the State of California and are kept under lock and key. This starts with all medication coming in to the facility being entered on a centrally stored medication sheet, including all PRN medication. Most residents have their meds handled by staff, who are certified for such duty. Residents with written orders from their doctor stating they are capable of handling their own medication can do so. They are required to adhere to the same guidelines and secure storage.

Active Evenings & Open Weekends


Regular evening activities include preparing lunch for the following day, treadmill, showers, dinner preparation and laundry. Once their daily chores are done, they are free to do whatever they choose until dinner: showers, computer, telephone, TV, puzzles, books, games, crochet, etc. After dinner cleanup is completed, their evening is once again free to do what they please until they retire. 


The residents attend a weekly social program called Around the Town Club, where they meet up with Camden Community Center volunteers for various activities voted on by the members of each group. These include miniature golf, movies, bowling, plays, Disney on Ice, pot luck, music, dancing and dining out at local restaurants.


Most residents go home on the weekends. However for those that choose to stay at Hatikvah House, the weekend is free for spontaneous activities such as: shopping, farmers market, movies, community sporting events, dining out, etc.

Special Events


Volunteers join us 4-6 times a year for special events. They do arts and crafts, baking, gardening or small repair projects, and have sing-alongs with a guitar player. During Hanukkah, a havurah group that has been coming for the past 10 years brings latkes with all of the trimmings, along with kazoos and song sheets for a night of singing by the light of our Menorahs.

Transportation Options


The light rail and bus are each only a few blocks away, however most of the residents use the Outreach program for social activities. Hatikvah House has an eight passenger van for house activities such as weekly group shopping trips to Costco, Disability Awareness Night with the San Jose Giants, annual BBQ-pool party at Loma Vista and an overnight retreat to Enchanted Hills in Napa.

Day Program Options


There are a variety of day programs available depending on each resident's wants and needs, including Hope Services, SVS and SVDN, just to name a few. Safeway and Tesla are companies that hire clients who are capable of working more independently. Those clients usually work in groups of four with a job coach.


Clients tend to use MVP (a bus that takes them directly to and from the day program), Outreach and/or public transportation.

JCC Membership


Residents get free membership at the Addison-Penzak Jewish Community Center in nearby Los Gatos.